Trading Desk Resources

Our mission is to equally fulfill the needs of both our clients and candidates; by matching the right candidate with the right opportunity.


Our clients are constantly seeking the best portfolio managers, traders, sales people, strategists, researchers, structurers, modelers, quants, analysts, and developers for various roles in the following areas:



CDS, CLOs, CDOs, IG, HY, TMT, Corporate, Structured, Derivatives, Index, Sovereign, Single Name, Distressed, etc.

Emerging Markets

LATAM, Eastern Europe, Asia

Interest Rates

USD, Swaps: Front End, Basis, CAD, Fed funds, OIS, Currency, Futures etc.
Options: Gamma, Vega, Berms, Exotics, Mid Curves, Forward Vols, CMS, etc.

Securitized Products

Agency/ Non-Agency MBS, ABS, CMBS, RMBS, CMM, CMO, CRE, Prepayment, Pass through, Mortgage Finance, Resi Whole Loan, etc.

Portfolio Management

Statistical Arbitrage, Mean Reversion, High Frequency, Long-Short, Relative Value, Macro, EM, Credit, Fixed Income, Equities and Commodities.

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